In most models, remember that the minimum containment circle must be 10 feet or more in diameter. In other words, if the color approaches the transmitter (main control unit) more than 10 feet, the color may have unexpected behavior. As a general rule, when your dog enters the house, remove the receiver collar from around his neck and turn it off. If your home is very large and the radius of the storage area is relatively small, there is a possibility that a part of the storage boundary falls somewhere in the house and a beep sounds each time it crosses that part of the boundary . You can expand the radius of the pet zone or change the position of the transmitter, but please pick up the collar of the dog every time the pet enters the house. Finally, if you are trying to change the position of the transmitter, turn the carriage off and reactivate only when the transmitter is installed in a new location and programmed as needed.

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